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07 May 2008 @ 06:01 pm
What are you most sensitive about?
Uma trying to perform some sort of sex on me while I am trying to sleep, while the crazy guy is egging her on. Also Angel-hugs.
06 May 2008 @ 08:16 pm

 peaceful protest rally... so far no one registered much interest, but if anyone is reading this livejournal, it is still held this Sunday at 12:30-1 pm outside William street McDonalds. We are also collecting signatures, don't worry, you can give a false name if you believe your privacy is in danger. 

If not enough people come to have a rally, there's still the next one.

Edited later: no one came... Perhaps I should have advertised in newspapers. But couple of people e-mailed.
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27 April 2008 @ 07:33 pm

Vache-nu is a rapist.

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23 April 2008 @ 12:21 am

I hate the one words that you type in subject line jump, and end up in the text body.

If this happens to us, we will be unhappy. 

22 April 2008 @ 11:22 pm

I somehow managed to forget my old password to an online account, just had to reset it. I also noticed that I cannot type automatically. Nor can enjoy smoking. I am a failure *b-ls*.

I also renamed today a certain acquaintance of mine (and I use the term inaccurately) into Penis, cuz it rhymes with the first name. Her boyfriend's name means "Art", I believe, in Latin. If they keep pissing me off, I will use their new names in a literary work.

The Penis-Lady is a head-walker, which pissed me off to no end. And now that her boyfriend ("Mari", in Italian) decided to change his speciality from whatever it was to a black magician, my life became a lot noisier.

AQbout the acquaintances: that's what you get for merely knowing someone's name... 

I am still bad trips about being a god thing. Is it heroin I am using, or cocaine? Or some sort of weird people that gives you a feeling of exctasy, but also terrible thirst, holes in the brain, and, possibly, a death of a burn out?

The wanna be sister person is a bitch. One evil twin-sister is enough. And one evil brother is also enough. Why would | wanan have another sister, especially the kind that keeps harassing me with shit like atempted astral Lesbian sex? She is not that femme even by a dyke's standard. More of a butch that is always waxing her legs.

I am tired. Head belongs in a rubbish bin. Constantly judged by others. How did I get myself in a situation where I am onstantly in the way of power of others? I have to rename everyone to get rid of all this "attention".

Almost married O. the other day, seduced by thoughts of white dress and a wedding reception, and getting him to pay for all of it. Changed my mind in the last minute, when remembered the old prophecy.

Dear diary, I am always syrrounded by dickgheads. I know thgat this is supposed to be the Yuga of darkness, but this people are not dark: they are beyond unconditioning. Shamroo that comes with its own conditioner, cuz it comes  mixed together in the same bottle.

They are morons, morons, morons. It is all bad. And they are all stupid. 

Brb, need another smoke.

P.S. btw, the blonde guy is a complete idiot. And kinda funnily-proportioned. It is always the ugly guys that try to compensate by sleeping with everyone. What do I try to compensate for: for my fate?

10 April 2008 @ 05:58 pm

Written articles on new-agey subjects thought. We are looking for articles on UFO's, alien languages, prophecies (can be published anonymously) of what is about to happen, other planets, global consciousness awakening, on how to build psychic powers, methods of psychic self-defence, anything else that you consider relevant to whAT IS HAPPENING TO US 11:11 WISE.

I am paying $20 AUD  for an article up to 5 pages long, more for longer articles, or, if you think it is not generous enough, contact me through e-mail or LJ messages. 

All articles will be published either on official websites that publish such information (and will get read by large numbers of people) or might get published as a hard-copy journal. Not only you will be contributing to the priceless intellectual storehouse of the humanity you will also get published as a writer.

The Real Eris

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10 April 2008 @ 04:05 pm

"Based on very
       sophisticated astrological/astronomical calculations it says that we
       are now entering  a  dark  age  when  the  powers of negativity will
       consist of men allied with demons.  It will become nearly impossible
       for a person to maintain his or her Buddhist spiritual practice." Possibly, the only people that will keep openly practicing Buddhism will not be Buddhists at all, but aliens out to get us. *makes big eyes* I, myself, don;t trust much current Dalai Lama, don't even ask me why.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/ufo2.htm  World is coming to an end. Does it have to?

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/ufo5.htm  what not to do when encountering a UFO. Speaking of which, it is possible that they are about to start killing people that "witnessed" a UFO in the months to come. One more erm...horseman of the dictatorship of alien invaders befalling us.
http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/ufo6.htm  Also some stuff on building spacesrafts.

More stuff on how to build spaceships. This one has to be read.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/ufoantig.htm More space-ship stuff

                                             Time  :  7:30 PM - Sept. 23
                      |                          Garland   Centerville
                      |     Jupiter               Road     \ Road
                      |        \                     |      \
                      |      > **\                   |        \
                      |      > ** \                  |         \
              Central |      ^LBJ^ \                 |          \
            Expressway|      Hotel  \                |           \
                      |    Northeast \               |            \
                      |               \              |             \
                      |                \-------------|-

We live in Pleasantville, if anyone else has seen this movie.


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http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/cydonia.htm  An article on gravity/anti-gravity devices?

I, personally, think that they crete crop circles to show contempt for our survival-hood, ie they destroy our food, or, what symbolizes all of human food - wheat and corn. It could also by symbolic of what Loki did to Sif's hair, when He shaved all of Sif's golden hair (She is Goddess of Corn and Her hair is symbolized by wheat or corn fields). In other words, someone is trying to shave our "hair" off. The razor blade and devil's blade analogy comes to mind.

the above article has also stuff on transfering information in space over millions of light years distances almost instantaneously. I think, it is something we should alll know about.

"Hair" of a deity can also be a symbol for their ability to hear and transmit information via non-physical means, ie their psi-abilities. Maybe this is why long hair are a symbol of a woman's beauty in many cultures, because it means above average intelligence?

Orion's Arm (can be accessed through Google) is a new fictional encyclopaedia of a galaxy, written from 10,000 years from now perspective. It si a fictional website, but provides bits of informartion here and there, like most good science-fiction novels do.

Also, google something like "Orion Trade Route Maps" - they got maps up on Internet for thopse who own small private space ships and feel like flying to Orion...that's where a lot of markets take place, I mean ligitimate markets by that. But out of all the people that I know I think only 2 or 3 own such spaceships. So don't feel left out.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/naziufo.htm about "UFO-elitism"

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/nephilim.htm  Book of Enoch, on Nephilim. A lot more people are Nephilim than they realise.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/ourpast.htm  Some stuff from Mahabharata, relevant to what is happening now.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/russufo1.htm  Russkie letayushiye tarelki.


10 April 2008 @ 02:40 pm

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/cooper2.htm  PLEASE READ THIS

"PLATO is  the project  responsible for  diplomatic relations
    with the aliens.
         This project secured a formal treaty (illegal under the Con-
    stitution) with the aliens.
         The terms were that the aliens would give us technology.
         In return,  we agreed  to keep their presence on earth a se-
    cret, not  to interfere in any way with their actions, and to al-
    low them to abduct humans and animals.
         The aliens  agreed to furnish MJ-12 with a list of abductees
    on a periodic basis.
" Why did we (US and USSR governments) have to rade humans for technologies? Why did not we use money or plutonium or uranium or sheet iron as form of payment instead? Also, since Soviets and Yanks pourchased exactly same kind of technologies from them, was not it duplication of efforts? Wasn't it wasier for them to buy this stuff together? (Especially considering ti was one and same stuff?)

" PLUTO is  a project to evaluate all UFO/IAC information per-
    taining to space tel [TRANSMISSION GARBLED]

You know something else? If there's such think (thing?) as Galactic telecom or Galactic currency system or one inter-Galactic language (kinda like English) we need access to all of them. We also really desperately need to conrtact inter-Galactic tribunal and get them to issue an injunction against Grey and Reptilians destroying our planet or committing genocide before greys destroyed life-forms and/or planet itself.

ALIEN BASES  exist in  the four  corners area  of Utah, Col-
    orado, New Mexico, and Nevada.

"ABDUCTIONS were occurring long before 1972.
         The document  stated that  humans and animals were being ab-
    ducted and or mutilated.
         Many vanished without a trace.
         They were  taking sperm  and ova  samples, tissue, performed
    surgical operations,  implanted a  spherical device  40 to 80 mi-
    crons in  size near the optic nerve in the brain and all attempts
    to remove it resulted in the death of the patient.
         The document  estimated that one in every 40 people had been
         This implant  was said  to give  the aliens total control of
    that human.
         This plan  called for a public announcement that a terrorist
    group had entered the United States with an atomic weapon.
         It would  be announced  that the terrorists planned to deto-
    nate the weapon in a major city.
         Martial law  would be declared and all persons with implants
    would be rounded up along with all dissidents and would be placed
    into concentration camps.
         The press,  radio, and  TV would  be nationalized  and  con-
    trolled.   Anyone attempting  to  resist  would  be  arrested  or

To get more info: 
Cooper's home address and phone number:

    1311 S. Highland #205
    Fullerton, Calif.  92632

    That phone number connects you to an anonymous answering machine.

    This information  was taken  from the  Bill Cooper answering com-
    puter on 1-213-281-8222.

    For materials  and bibliography,  send $2  (no mention made of to
    whom you  should make out the check) and a 45-cent self-addressed
    stamped envelope to:

    19744 Beach Blvd. Suite #301
    Huntington Beach, Calif.  92648

    To talk  to someone  about ordering  or available materials, call
    Stan Barrington  at 1-805-948-1255.   He'll  even call  you back.
    Here's what he had to offer as per my phone conversation with him
    on Feb. 27, 1990:

    The real  Kennedy assassination  tape, $18.  This is the unedited
        Zapruder film  that clearly shows the driver killing JFK.  On
        VHS tape.
    Video of  Cooper speech  and workshop  from Sedona,  Ariz.,  $32.
        This is  a videotaped  speech and  workshop from  Cooper that
        also shows  the Kennedy  tape (not  very clearly, though).  I
        think this  is basically  the same  deal as  the above  tran-
        script.  On VHS tape.
    "Secret Government,"  $12.  Details, in 28 pages, the workings of
        the secret subgovernment in the U.S. since 1947.
    "Operation Majority,"  $12.   Details the goings on and structure
        of Operation Majority, the people who run all UFO-related ac-
    "Jason Society,"  $12.   List of  51 scientists,  last updated in
        1987, who  work for  Operation Majority.   The group is still
        trying to  find the last three scientists who are Jason Soci-
        ety members.

    For any of the above, send a check to:

    Stan Barrington
    2059 E. Ave. I #11
    Lancaster, Calif.  93535


This is  the journalist whom Cooper mentions in his Operation Ma-
    jority file.  This person supposedly can verify the facts:

    Tony Pelham
    Las Vegas Bullet
    300 West Boston
    Las Vegas, Nevada  89102

    For the book Alien Magic by William Hamilton, which has all kinds
    of pictures from  a  secret  lab,  write:  Book  is  $20.  plus $1.25

    Robert Girard
    c/o Arcturus Books
    P.O. Box 831383
    Stone Mountain, Ga.  30083-0023





http://www.sacred-texts.com/jai/treatise.txt  --- Jainism



http://www.sacred-texts.com/ufo/cooper1.htm :

"there's nothing we can do
    about the last one because it's already happened, there will be a
    segment of  the population  that worships the aliens, even though
    they're no  different than  us; they're just from somewhere else,
    and they  may look  a little  different.  They are not gods.  But
    there are already people worshiping the aliens and they predicted
    this would happen when they slapped the secret stamp all over all
    this stuff.
"we are going to say  no, no  more! And you have to do it, you have to act.  You either
    have to act or watch your country go down the tubes."

"What about all the people in the press  and others who were in Dallas and who saw the assassination? )(of Kennedy)  Couldn't  they tell where the shot came from?  Why didn't    they come forward? There must have been plenty."  "There was,  we know that there was at least 18 who were all  murdered within two years of the event.  The odds of that happening are 1 ,000 trillion," Cooper replied."

"The next  question dealt with the alien technology and asked
    in essence, "Hasn't any one else [other than the government] come
    up with the energy technology that the aliens have?" to which Mr.
    Cooper answered,  "There's been quite a few people who've come up
    with it and they've all been stopped, and they'll all continue to
    be stopped.  Because once you have it you have free energy.  Once
    you have free energy they no longer have power over you.  You un-
    derstand?  That's why they stop it."

"So if  you don't  know what  your Constitution is you're dead al-
    ready, so  the first  thing you do is you get a copy of your Con-
    stitution.   The second  thing you  do is you learn it! The third
    thing you  do is  you start calling your senators and your repre-
    sentatives, and  the President of the United States and you start
    leaning on them, and you tell them, 'Unless you straighten up the
    government, and unless we start getting the truth, and I mean the
    whole truth,  and no  more of  this baloney, this is the last job
    you're ever  going to have, period.  And I'll do everything in my
    power to  make sure  that comes  true.' And then write them, fre-
    quently, saying  the same  thing.   And then when they're in your
    area, in  their area offices, take a little delegation and go see
    them, and make them understand that they're going to be living in
    poverty because  they're not  going to  have a  job anymore  come
    election day."  That's what I wonder about, the government that advances alien interests, rather, separate members of government thta advance alien interests, don't they have self-esteem or any self-preservation instincts?

"A gentleman  then asked,  "What was traded to the aliens for
    their technology?"
         "People and animals," replied Cooper succinctly.
         Another man asked, "Is the Soviet Union in on any of this?"
         "The Soviet Union and the United States of America have been
    close allies  since the end of World War II and have been closely
    participating in the secret space program all this time.  The So-
    viets have  the same  thing we have, yes."