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the_real_eris's Journal

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I am the REAL Eris Discordia. The fake evil twin of mine, not-Eris, has been posing as me for the last 25 years while I was in-between two incarnations. She stole my name and ideas, and posed me. The real difference is that the fake Discordia of last 25 years has and is selling you to Muslim fundamentalists, to soul-possessors, to vampires. She is the one that is going every female in Europe to get genitally-mutilated in a couple of more years. Sheand her Devil-husband get soul possessors to possess powerful magicians, divinities, and re-incarnations of medieval saints and Holy pepople of Western Europe, She and her Devil got almost every fae in Australia "buddied-up" with a rider, she is the one that has been stealing Sidhe children and feeding them to vamps. She uses het charisma and influence to organise money and resources to sponsor Jihad on major scale. She has power of soul-possession. She plans to kill every gay and non-muslim male in a few years in Australia, USA, UK, NZ, France. I do not do any of such things. She killed me in 2005 when I woke up for the first time in 23 years as a Goddess, I was 22 years old back then, and she stole my golden apple as she did from dozens of other gods. One of these unlucky gods could be you. My new name is Farma, in European languages. Farmi, in Sanskrit. Stress on the first syllable :)

Eris is supporting Jihad 100% and will kill every Sidhe and fee if she can.

I am interested in protecting my right to walk in a mini-skirt in main street unescorted day or night, & not be stoned, soul possessed, damned to hell, in right to chose with who, or when I have sex, or do not at all, & in right to control my body and reproduction. Do you hear what I am saying?

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